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Hospice Pharmacy

A commitment to comfort. A commitment to enhancing the quality of life.

Nurse walking next to a patient with IV drip in hospital

Advance Care Pharmacy provides medications, as well as consultative services, that offer support and convenience to hospice care providers. We have served hospice agencies since 2003, and have developed a strong understanding of the unique needs of hospice caregivers and their patients. Our pharmacy’s main focus is to provide the most expert pharmaceutical management for end-of-life patients.

At Advance Care Pharmacy, we understand the complexities and urgent needs of hospice care. We recognize that each patient’s condition is unique and can change daily, or sometimes hourly. Our pharmacists are skilled in pain management and provide recommendations to physicians and caregivers on the most effective drug therapy.

Earning Your Trust While Helping You Strike Balance

Our company is based on a solid, dependable, highly ethical reputation. Maintaining credibility is our top priority. We will help you control prescription drug costs and increase the level of care you provide your patients.

Additional Services and Products

In addition to supplying medications, our comprehensive medication management program includes a complete medication review & profiling of your patients, so we can find the best solution to meet their individual needs.

Hospice Services and Products:

  1. Reduced Drug Cost: Reduced contract pricing and keeping the overall cost per patient per day at the lowest possible.
  2. Drug Formulary / Recommendations List: Serve as tools to assist the hospice nurses, providers, and clinicians. This helps the prescribers select the most appropriate and cost-effective medications for each individual.
  3. Customized Comfort Kits: Offered at reduced pricing to help manage end-of-life symptoms.
  4. Customized Delivery Options: Including same day, next day, STAT, and after hours. Our drivers complete a pre-employment criminal background check and drug testing evaluation. They are thoroughly trained with regard to hospice regulations and needs.
  5. Delivery: Areas include San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Imperial Counties.
  6. Specialty Packaging: Such as bubble packs for patients who reside in Long-Term Care facilities.
  7. Extensive Medication Inventory: To ensure access to the medications most needed by hospice patients and to avoid sudden or unexpected drug shortages.
  8. Specialty Compounded Medications: Including creams and suppositories to meet the patient’s changing needs.
  9. Enteral Feeding/Tube Feeding: Including a full line of feeding pumps, formulas, and all necessary equipment at very reasonable prices.
  10. Infusion Services: Advance Care Pharmacy prepares custom-made sterile products in a state-of-the-art compounding room with the most advanced equipment. Our standards do not just meet, but exceed, the USP, ASHP, and Board of Pharmacy regulations. Our infusion department provides a variety of medications, including pain management, antibiotics, TPN, hydration therapy, and inotropic therapy.
  11. Educational Programs and Clinical Support: Utilizes a team of hospice and palliative care experts, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all hospice agencies. Our pharmacists make appropriate drug recommendations aimed at reducing overall cost and providing the most effective drug regimen to your patients. We also provide continuing education (CE) on popular hospice topics such as pain management and terminal anxiety. These courses are designed to meet the unique needs of your hospice patients and team.
  12. Wound Care Supplies: Offering a variety of wound care supplies for the convenience of the hospice team and their patients.
  13. Incontinence Supplies: A complete line of incontinence supplies for patients, including diapers, pull-ups, chucks, washing and skin care products that are competitively priced.
  14. Non-Hospice Medication Billing: Advance Care Pharmacy is contracted with most private insurances, such as Medicare Part-D plans and Kaiser. We are able to fulfill all drugs for your patients including non-hospice drugs to provide a convenient one-stop shop.
  15. Administrative Support and Products: Advance Care Pharmacy is able to provide valuable information including clinical reports, such as drug utilization, antibiotic usage, non-formulary drug utilization, drug-to-drug interaction, and detailed cost analysis, to assist the administrators with cost management. Advance Care Pharmacy also provides prompt, timely NDC reporting at the beginning of each month to Medicare, which is crucial in the hospice monthly billing cycle.
  16. Billing: Simplified once a month billing that includes all details of charges for each patient in the form of an actual invoice or format of your choice.
  17. Compliance: Our compliance department, led and guided by a team of expert attorneys, will assure our complete adherence to all applicable State and Federal regulations governing the practice of pharmacy within the State of California. HIPAA compliance is another area that Advance Care Pharmacy assures complete compliance at all levels.