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Instructions for Sapphire Pump

When you receive the Sapphire pump, it is ready to go, according to the doctor’s order. Always review the program before starting the infusion.

Click the links below to view the complete printable instructions for(Sapphire Pump).

Instructions for Sapphire Pump
Troubleshooting For Sapphire Pump Alarms

Watch Instructions on YouTube:


Lesson 1 – How to Start and Review Program

Lesson 2 – How to Prime

Lesson 3 – How to Start Infusion

Lesson 4 – How to Charge the Battery

Lesson 5 – How to Change the Pain Management Program

Lesson 6 – How to Review the Bolus History

Lesson 7 – How to Resume Infusion Once Paused/Stopped

Lesson 8 – How to Change the Cassette/Bag