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Long-Term Care

Our goal is to provide a medication management system you will comfortably and confidently use.

Advance Care Pharmacy offers expertise and a range of services to provide top-level pharmacy care to the residents of your senior living community.

Doctor and elderly patient in hospice care ward

With our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we can:

  • Simplify the medication management process and provide the best healthcare to your residents.
  • Provide a comprehensive medication management design, efficient and structured, yet flexible enough to best meet your community’s needs.
  • Streamline your prescription administration system with compliance packaging, medical records maintenance, and helpful customer service.
  • Offer compliance packaging conducive to a senior living community. This packaging eliminates the issue of multiple prescription bottles from various pharmacies.

Transition assistance with easy pharmacy transfer:

Moving into a senior community can be a significant transition for a new resident. Changing pharmacies can also be a difficult adjustment for a community. Advance Care Pharmacy provides easy, seamless pharmacy conversion for your community and residents.

We understand that changing pharmacies is not always an easy task. Advance Care Pharmacy has created a Transition Team to help coordinate and lead the transition of patients from your current pharmacy provider to Advance Care Pharmacy.

When you choose us, you get an entire customer care team, led by your own dedicated service representative and account manager, whose only job is to make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.